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Brothers Dzhambazovi EOOD
Kliko për ta zmadhuar
vend: Bulgaria
Shërbimet e ofruara: Milling and baking
Produkte: Different types of bread with yeast, flours, sandwiches, pizzas, cakes, Easter cakes, croissants and other confectionery
Certifikatat: съгласно законодателството - БАБХ
Viti i Krijimit: 2014
Zyrtar i Komunikimeve: Miroslav Iliev
Kontaktoni Telefonin: +359 878 26 82 73
Правна форма: Ltd.
Niveli i zbatimit: final product
Since 1998, Miroslav and Kalina Ilievi have been in the milling business in the family tradition since the 1920s. They took over the business with the ambition to develop the Bulgarian traditions in the production of pure and natural flours. According to an old technology, they grind wholemeal flours by grinding with a stone, and according to a modern one - fine flours without food additives. "Producing a safe, natural and healthy product for us and our children is our main goal," they say. To this day, their customers are well-known bakeries.
Four years ago, Miro and Kalina decided to close the cycle and they started making their own bakery. They make sourdough bread with fermentation from 24 to 100 hours, which guarantees health and excellent taste of every bread they make. As the Ilievs themselves explain: bread without yeast, without additives, without preservatives, without leavening agents!
The bakery offers them different types of bread with yeast, flour, sandwiches, pizzas, cakes, croissants and other confectionery, made with high quality flour from their own mill "Bratya Dzhambazovi".
"Our products are hand-made on site in our bakery with attention and respect for people who have chosen a healthy diet," explain Kalina and Miro. And indeed, it is no coincidence that they named their bakery "Bread and Health".
Customers can order on request bread, cakes, pizzas, pastries, cakes and Easter cakes on site or on the phone of the bakery. And of course, every Wednesday at the Farmers' Festival in front of the Ministry of Agriculture.

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