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Bulgaria Ltd.
Kliko për ta zmadhuar
Industri: Biodiversiteti
vend: Bulgaria
Faqja e internetit: http://www.casakakau.com
Shërbimet e ofruara: production of cocoa and confectionery
Produkte: Craft handmade chocolate from cocoa beans;
BIO Craft handmade chocolate from cocoa beans;
Raw artisanal handmade chocolate from cocoa beans; Craft tea with cocoa beans;
Packaging of natural cocoa beans
Viti i Krijimit: 2015
Zyrtar i Komunikimeve: Ivan Ilchev
Kontaktoni Telefonin: +359 878 67 57 80
Правна форма: ООД
Niveli i zbatimit: final product
Our story begins in the fall of 2015, when my wife and I decided to make homemade chocolate from cocoa beans for our son. He has a strong food allergy, so the chocolate had to be free of milk and animal products, free of lecithin, gluten-free, free of improvers, preservatives and stabilizers. The chocolate turned out to be very successful and we decided to share the original family recipe with more people who try to eat healthy and wholesome.
Today we can offer a wide portfolio of Vegan / without animal products or traces of them / chocolate for making, in which we use only natural products, nuts and dried fruits.
Dairy products have never been used in our production.
We are also the first Bulgarian company offering 100% natural drinking chocolate, produced only from cocoa beans and unrefined cane sugar. The last product we introduced in early 2017 is new even for Europe. This is a tea of ​​cocoa beans with different flavors for lovers of hot drinks.
All the products we produce are made with cocoa beans, which we import ourselves directly from farms in Ecuador. In this way we guarantee the freshness and quality of the products and at the same time support the people who grow cocoa. With the purchase of each Casa Kakau chocolate, our customers directly help farmers in Ecuador to get the reward they deserve for their work.

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