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Kliko për ta zmadhuar
vend: Bulgaria
Shërbimet e ofruara: Software product development
Produkte: Software product for monitoring agricultural production and harvesting management.
Viti i Krijimit: 2018
Zyrtar i Komunikimeve: Engin Cemil
Kontaktoni Telefonin: +359 879 011 064
Правна форма: Ltd.
Niveli i zbatimit: final product
Harvest Assistant is a specialized software system that supports the activities of farmers by automating the process of reporting harvested produce. The system provides a complete real-time picture of the harvest campaign.
The software completely eliminates the manual processing of any type of paper data. The process of reporting the quantity of production by pickers, groups, varieties and others is automated.
The product is suitable for reporting the campaign for picking essential oilseeds, fruits and vegetables - oil rose, cherries, plums, raspberries, strawberries, peaches, apricots, apples and others.
Harvest Assistant clearly distinguishes the quantity of harvested products, as by production, pickers, groups, quantity and others. With the help of the software product, mutual trust is achieved between the farmer and the pickers.
Harvest Assistant is the first system of its kind on the Bulgarian market, which allows farmers to report in real time and monitor the harvest campaign, using modern technologies - smart devices, barcode readers, Bluetooth scales, mobile transmission data, etc. The program facilitates the organization of transport of products and reduces the risk of losses by monitoring the process in real time, from a distance - both via desktop and mobile device. With the help of barcodes, traceability of the production from the field to the end customer is ensured.
The process of working with Harvest Assistant is extremely simple. The software generates detailed reports and calculates the amounts due to pickers for the harvested production.
The use of the software product facilitates the process of reporting and harvesting, increases the trust between the farmer and pickers, as well as between the farmer and the customers, which facilitates the sale of the product.

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