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Tsima 99 Ltd.
Kliko për ta zmadhuar
vend: Bulgaria
Faqja e internetit: http://cima99.com/
Shërbimet e ofruara: fruit canning
Produkte: Main products - jam, marmalades, jams, toppings
Viti i Krijimit: 1992
Zyrtar i Komunikimeve: Tsvetan Zhekov
Kontaktoni Telefonin: +359 3153 2195
Правна форма: Ltd.
Spreads / jam / with chia are products awarded at the Anuga 2017 festival for innovation. The innovation in the spreads is the individually gelled chia seeds, which we called "chia pearls". The delicate taste and delicate texture of pearl jelly with chia are the result of the exact proportions of seeds and fruits. And the sweetness comes only from the fruits, because there is no added sugar in the forearms. Chia seeds are rich in omega-3, protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber, which makes them one of the most popular superfoods. The spreads we offer in four unique flavors are suitable for vegans and do not contain gluten, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

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