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Kliko për ta zmadhuar
vend: Bulgaria
Faqja e internetit: http://vanillka.com
Shërbimet e ofruara: Healthy confectionery - cakes from pure and natural raw materials without additives, preservatives and improvers
Produkte: Production according to own recipes of cakes for children and adults from products of proven origin and quality based on vegetable oils, nuts, fruits without the use of dyes, improvers, preservatives. Variety of tastes and combination of products - seasonal product offers and renewal of the offered products depending on the new recipes developed in the workshop.
Viti i Krijimit: 2013
Zyrtar i Komunikimeve: Vanya Ivanova
Kontaktoni Telefonin: +359 87 746 4513
Правна форма: Ltd.
Niveli i zbatimit: final product
- Why is it innovative?
Healthy and tasty products for all ages, but especially for children. They do not contain elements that cause addiction. They are available on site in our own pastry shop and the use of reusable pastry boxes is recommended.
Educational and upbringing approaches in the formation of
the taste and attitude of children and young people to food
and sweets.
More and more people are realizing that GMOs, low-quality products,
many chemicals, additives, enhancers and colorants lead to disease, environmental pollution and lasting social problems. Educating oneself and eating is resilient over time and shows a tendency to lead us on the right path - good examples are a way to change attitudes and in practice to prove the benefits of properly selected foods.

The transnational Cooperation Programme
Interreg V-B "Balkan-Mediterranean 2014-2020"
is co-funded by the European Union (85%)
and National Funds of the participating countries (15%)

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