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Over BGN 35.6 million have been transferred to organic producers
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Τρίτη 09 Ιούν 2020
The National Agriculture Fund  transferred over BGN 35.6 million (BGN 35,638,797) under measure 11 “Organic agriculture” of the RDP 2014-2020. The most anticipated payments were received by 3,177 farmers with approved applications under Organic farming, Organic Animal Breeding and Organic Beekeeping for Campaign 2019. The payment was made within the framework of the indicative schedule for direct payments announced earlier this year.

    In the  "Organic Plant Breeding"
direction subsidies were received by 2,398 farmers. There are a total of 41 farmers who raise their herds organically. They received a grand total of BGN 174,870  Financial support of over BGN 6 million (BGN 6,244,040) has been transferred to 813 organic beekeepers.

  The rates at which the authorization of subsidies is carried out are regulated in Ordinance № 4 of 24 February 2015 on the implementation of measure 11 "Organic Agriculture" of the RDP 2014-2020.

   The support under the measure is in the form of an annual compensatory payment for farmers who voluntarily carry out organic activities. 75% of the funds are provided by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), and the remaining 25% - from the national budget.

   This year, for the first time, the Paying Agency is transferring the subsidies under measure 11 under the new Register of Organic Producers. In response to the requirements of EU regulations, our country had to create the most complete database possible for the activities of all operators engaged in organic production in our country. Beneficiaries whose data are not entered in the Register of Organic Producers do not have authorized funds for the 2019 Campaign.

Source: MAFF Bulgaria
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opyright : Alicja Neumiler

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