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The agricultural “Google” is already here
Κλίκ για μεγέθυνση
Παρασκευή 15 Μάι 2020

                We've long been accustomed to personalized advertising, and we've stopped asking questions about how Google knows so much about us. Nowadays, the collection of user data on social networks and the monitoring of Internet activity are used to display relevant advertising messages on the left and right of web pages.

                The Ukrainian project PyTag has created the world's first social and trade network that will use the same principle of operation. It will show consumers the best offers on the market of agricultural products, reports Aggeek.net. The platform will become a place where we can sell and buy agricultural products in an optimal way. The developers claim that the unique algorithms used will find the best existing option among the variety of ads. The platform will unite 100% of market participants - small and large, large and small. No matter what you are looking for - bread for dinner, seeds for the sowing campaign or wholesale blueberries, the system customizes all possible options available both within the country and abroad.The conservatism of the agricultural sector is the reason for the slow changes that are observed in it, including in terms of marketing, customer demand, insurance, supply chain optimization and others.

                While the total global volume of e-sales in the consumer sector in 2016 exceeded 2 trillion. dollars, in the agricultural sector the successful sale of goods on the market is largely related to personal contacts.

                Each farmer receives about fifty calls a day - I buy grain, sell fertilizers, fuel, build hangars and more. He chooses for himself a dozen contacts with which he begins to work. He liked them the most - because of the price, the conditions or something else. When it comes time to buy fertilizers, call some of them and look for information.

                This approach is outdated, says Oleg Popov, CEO of PyTag.

                An electronic platform for buying and selling raw materials and agricultural products will significantly optimize the process.

                The social mission of the platform is to improve the routes for tracking goods to the end user. In this way, the possession of information will cease to be a competitive advantage and the scope will be wider than one intermediary can offer. With a competitive advantage will be those players in the market who have their own warehouse, factory, elevator.

                The platform will start operating in June this year. Initially, we will work with agricultural products, and then, this summer, with agro-industrial companies for the sale of fuel, fertilizers, plant protection products and more.

Source and photo: www.agri.bg

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