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W. H. Consulting Ltd.
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Country: Bulgaria
Services Offered: importer and manufacturer of instruments and machines for laboratory analysis of grain, grain transportation, grain storage
Products: Among our most famous products are: grain coolers with single-phase and three-phase motors, floor ventilation systems, grain stirrer for cooling and aeration of grain, pneumatic grain conveyors, temperature control probes and sampling probes, grain hygrometers.
Our customers are both large and medium farmers, grain traders, small farmers and companies, who trade in agricultural machinery in Bulgaria and abroad.
Year of Establishment: 2014
Communications Officer: Vladimir Heinrich Vladimirov
Contact Phone: +359885945090
Legal form: Ltd.
We want to expand production and promote two of the products we produce: grain coolers and grain mixer in Bulgaria and Bulgaria's neighboring countries, to find business partners and clients;
Both products are innovative for the region, but at the same time
are quite well known in Western Europe. Serve to maintain
optimal temperature and moisture content of grain,
stored in flat warehouses.
These products support grain storage and solve a number of problems of farmers at an affordable price.
Knowing the market in neighboring countries, we want to get acquainted
merchants in neighboring countries to import these from us products. Until recently, they were mainly imported from Western European producers, and their prices respectively were too high for the local market. We want to meet as many interested customers as possible and yes make the products available to a wider range of customers.


Email: info@balkanet.eu


The transnational Cooperation Programme
Interreg V-B "Balkan-Mediterranean 2014-2020"
is co-funded by the European Union (85%)
and National Funds of the participating countries (15%)

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