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Country: Bulgaria
Services Offered: cultivation of organic fruits - apples, pears, prunes, cherries and apricots, from which the jam and syrups and dried fruits and vegetables are produced.
Products: The family produces over 70 different types of jam, fruit syrups, dried fruits and vegetables, the famous lyutenitsa and tomato sauces.
All products can be found every Wednesday at the Weekly Festival "From our farm - with love for you to the Ministry of Agriculture.
Sweet: figs, strawberries, white cherries, blackberries, prunes, apricots, pumpkin, dandelion, cones, pine needles, cherries with rum, roses, quinces and hot peppers
Syrups: elderberry, cherries, strawberries, dandelion, mint, roses, apricots, peaches.
Dried fruits and vegetables: dried fruits, dried vegetables, tomatoes in olive oil
Canned vegetables: lyutenitsa, tomato sauce, ketchup
Certifications: НАССР
Year of Establishment: 2008
Communications Officer: Denka Georgieva
Contact Phone: +359 886 88 31 51
Legal form: Ltd.
Level of implementation: final product
The innovation is expressed in the creation of a production base for processing of own biologically produced raw materials and production of canned fruit and vegetables.
The production is sold mainly in small food stores shops and farmers' markets, as the producer holds of direct contact with the client.


Email: info@balkanet.eu


The transnational Cooperation Programme
Interreg V-B "Balkan-Mediterranean 2014-2020"
is co-funded by the European Union (85%)
and National Funds of the participating countries (15%)

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