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"Vrachanska Temenuga" LTD
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Industry: Food industry
Country: Bulgaria
Services Offered: Vinegrowing, manufacturing and trade with wine and spirits.
Products: Vegetable oils
Peeled sunflower seeds
Year of Establishment: 2005
Contact Phone: +359 888 37 2737
Legal form: LTD
The company was established in August 2005. The main activity of the company is the production, wholesale and retail sale of vegetable oils, wine, spirits and sunflower seeds.

The activity of Premier - TM is carried out in its own production base, located in Vratsa. The base consists of an area of ​​12 925 square meters, on which there are production and storage facilities for the production of crude oil and cusp, bottling of refined oil, peeling and sorting of sunflower kernels as well as storage facilities.

Premier - TM Ltd. has its own land located in the heart of the best sunflower cultivation part of Bulgaria - northwestern Bulgaria.


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