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"Eyas Design" LTD
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Country: Bulgaria
Services Offered: Digital marketing, branding, packaging design, website and apps creation
Products: Eyas design is a boutique digital agency with experience in creating products and identities in the food sector.
They offer different services like:
Digital marketing, design and printing of packaging materials, creation of websites, mobile apps, advertisement materials, branding of objects and vehicles.
Year of Establishment: 2015
Contact Phone: +359 883 472 141
Legal form: LTD
"EYAS Design is a boutique design company, main part of BrandЪ as a Design & Creative Team. BrandЪ is a unique consortium of companies who work and create magic together. BrandЪ produces everything in house in a high quality, thanks to the specific know how of the partner companies.

EYAS Design is established in 2015 in the capital city of Bulgaria – Sofia. We are selective about our clients, so that we can dedicate more energy and time into projects that we believe are identical with both yours and our point of view.
Our key words for excellent results are professionalism, dedication and trust."


Email: info@balkanet.eu


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