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"Lalov i Vachev" LTD
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Industry: Food industry
Country: Bulgaria
Services Offered: Manufacturing of meat products
Products: Raw-dried delicacies
Grilled meat
Ham and ham products
Sausages, sausages, pate, salami
Other culinary products and delicacies.
Certifications: HACCP; IFS6
Year of Establishment: 1992
Contact Phone: +359 92 663 256
Legal form: ЕООД
"Lalov i Vachev" LTD started in 1992 and ever since then, their main activity has been the manufacturing and trade of meat products. The company has been established and exists with the main task to offer healthy and tasty meat products to the Bulgarian market.
The manufacturing plant of "Lalov i Vachev" is located on 14 000 square meters land. It is designed and build with no compromises and it complies with all current standards.


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