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Industry: Food industry
Country: Bulgaria
Services Offered: bio oil production
Products: GOURMOLI 100% Organic Walnut Oil - From the first taste of GOURMOLI - organic walnut oil, you will feel the subtle and at the same time distinguishable difference between walnut and other traditional oils. It's just tastier! In addition to the delicate taste, GOURMOLI improves your health and rids the body of carcinogens, radionuclides and other poisons that are so generous to our civilization today.
Walnut flour from organic nuts
Certifications: bio certificate
Year of Establishment: 2020
Communications Officer: Hristo Vatashki
Contact Phone: +359 888 42 42 44
Legal form: Ltd.
Level of implementation: final product
We produce hand-made, cold-pressed BIO WALNUT OIL by OAK PRESS, using old French technology from 1803. 100% BIO NATURAL PRODUCT. 100% of high quality and well washed organic, raw walnuts, extracted by a single cold pressing of OAK PRESS. No contact with metal. No heat treatment. Short shelf life (6 months) because it contains absolutely no preservatives, colors and flavors. Prevention and treatment of a wide range of diseases. Use of certified organic raw materials. Walnut oil is cholesterol-free and provides a record amount of omega-3 essential fatty acids. Omega-3 fats increase good cholesterol, lower bad cholesterol, prevent abnormal heart rhythms, reduce the risk of heart disease and prevent blood clots.


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